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Following the signing of the NAFTA in 1994, the textile industry in the United States began a steady decline to near extinction by the year 2000.

Many vertical mills in the US had locked their doors and moved operations to outside our borders. This series of events resulted in a pool of displaced, but talented veteran American textile workers, some who began to look for a way to maintain a manufacturing presence that would remain and flourish in the United States.

In what was to become USA Fabrics, a group of American entrepreneurs pooled their talents, agreeing that there was still a demand for “Made In America” bulk fabric and apparel goods.

In 2002, that dream became a reality when a facility was purchased in Quitman, MS and production began immediately.

With over 75 years combined textile experience in knitting, dyeing, finishing and sewing, our team has guided USA Fabrics through the past decade of a challenged economy while serving a variety of customers with both bulk fabrics and quality driven apparel.

USA Fabrics continues to strive to provide high quality goods delivered in a timely fashion.

Our mission is simple, to preserve and sustain the legacy and tradition of American manufacturing.

In short, keeping “Made in America” a manufacturing reality. In every facet of the manufacturing process USA Fabrics takes pride in maintaining its mission of continuing to be a singular, stellar source for U.S. domestic goods.